Protect Your Valuables

For Car side mirrors

For Gun and Children Safety 

ProKevLock is a one of a kind product

The only one in the market that is non-intrusive to the vehicle. It is made from anti-slash UHMWPE and HPPE outer material with a Mid-Layer of Corrosion Resistant Steel Mesh, which offers the HIGHEST level of protection for your vehicle’s side-view mirrors. The high tensile strength CRES steel flexible cable and the unique lock design makes it impossible to be cut or open without the assigned key.

designed to protect your MOST VALUABLES

ProKevLock is designed to protect your vehicle side-view mirrors from small-time thieves. Now with the CRES Steel Mesh as a Mid-Layer and the UHMWPE with HPPE outer material you can rest assured that you’ll get a peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle side-view mirrors are protected with the highest security device ProKevLock provides.

New & Improve

Now with 3 Layers


HTC Kevlar Style Level V HPPE

Outer Layer

100% HPPE Non-woven

Mid Layer

100% black Polyester

Inner Layer

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