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ProKevLock is a vehicle rear side-view mirror anti-theft protection locking bag. It was created with the consumer in mind and to help prevent the escalating number of robberies of vehicle’s side-view mirrors.

ProKevLock is a one of a kind product

The only one in the market that is non-intrusive to the vehicle. It is made from anti-cutting Kevlar™ Level IV fabric material, which offers a high tensile strength corrosion resistant steel cable lock that is almost impossible to be cut with conventional tools.

designed to protect your side mirrors

ProKevLock was designed to protect your vehicle side-view mirrors from small-time thieves. It is  made from high tech anti-cut material to deter the theft of your vehicle side-view mirrors. ProKevLock provides a high quality and simple solution to relieve your worries.

ProKevLock was designed with the following features in mind

One size

fits all cars and SUVs and most Pickup Trucks

No holes

are required through the mirror’s casing for ProKevLock to do its job

Easy installation

and removal in matters of seconds

Anti-cut CRES steel Mesh Technology

Made from extremely strong UHMWPE & HPPE materials and a Mid-Layer of CRES steel Mesh.

The bullet style locking mechanism

allows for ease of installation while maintaining a high level of locking capability to prevent thieves from opening it

The cable lock

is made from 1/4″ diameter high tensile strength corrosion resistant steel with protective durable elastomer cover

Vehicle side-view mirrors are more valuable to thieves nowadays due to high technologic advances, get ProKevLock and leave your worries to us.

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We at ProKevLock, LLC give our personal guarantee that this product will deter the small-times thieves from stealing your valuable vehicle side-view mirror. We are also positive that the ProKevLock anti-cutting Bag will serve as a preventive method for protecting your personal belongings while at the beach, the park, the pool, outdoors events, the stadium, and in any event where you need to have your precious personal items secured with no worries or preoccupations.

ProKevLock™ is an American product from Prokevlock LLC

Get your one of a kind ProKevLock now and protect your vehicle from side-view mirrors thieves.


Our mission

is to create public consciousness of the existing problem that small time-thieves have created by stealing the vehicle’s side-view mirrors in America and all around the world. These parts are subject to stealing because the mirrors house expensive sensory equipment to aid in-vehicle safety systems like lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist and blind-spot detection. ProKevLock is a one of a kind product in the vehicle industry created with the consumer in mind. Protect your vehicle today with ProKevLock

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Discover high-quality lock replacements tailored to seamlessly integrate with your Mirror Bag, ensuring security and durability. Our accessories are crafted with precision, providing you with the perfect solution to maintain and upgrade your Mirror Bag, so you can continue to enjoy both style and functionality

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