Multi-use bag

The ProKevLock protection bag was created with the consumer in mind, to prevent pickpocketing and other forms of robberies when you are traveling, at the beach, while surfing, the park, outdoor concert, etc. It is made from anti-slash Kevlar style level V material with a reinforced CRES steel mesh that makes this product impossible to cut through and steal your personal belonging.

ProKevLock is a one of a kind product

The ProKevLock protection bag is very affordable and protects your personal valuables with high level of protection. It features a Mid-Layer of CRES Steel Mesh with ¼” diameter flexible steel cable-lock system that is impossible to cut/open with conventional tools, giving you a peace-of- mind knowing that your personal belongings are well protected with this device.

designed to protect your most valuables

ProKevLock safely guards your personal belongings such as passport, money, driver’s license, cell phone, jewelry, etc. Whenever you are traveling it is a great idea to carry a ProKevLock bag because it is small enough to be used anywhere while providing safe heaven peace-of-mind and tranquility….. Get your ProKevLock safety Utility Bag today!

ProKevLock was designed with the following features in mind

ProKevLock is one-of-a-kind product that is made with the highest quality anti-slash materials (UHMWPE-HPPE) with a mid-layer CRES steel mesh to protect your personal belongings anywhere, every time. This handbag is versatile, very secured, and easy to carry and put away.

Easy to use bag

simply place your most important items in it and keep them safe.

Anti-cut CRES steel Mesh Technology

Made from extremely strong UHMWPE & HPPE materials and a Mid-Layer of CRES steel Mesh.

No holes

are required through the mirror’s casing for ProKevLock to do its job

The bullet style locking mechanism

allows for ease of installation while maintaining a high level of locking capability to prevent thieves from opening it

The cable lock

is made from 1/4″ diameter high tensile strength corrosion resistant steel with protective durable elastomer cover

Leave pickpocketing issues to us…
Travel worry free with Prokevlock.

Going to the beach? keep your cell phone, money and other valuables safe with Prokevlock.

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We at ProKevLock, LLC give our personal guarantee that this product will deter all small-times thieves from stealing your personal valuables while you have the utility bag properly locked. We are also positive that this product will serve as a preventive method for protecting your valuables while at the beach, surfing, the park, and at any outdoor activity with no worries at all. Don’t wait and purchase your ProKevLock Utility Bag today!

ProKevLock™ is an American product from Prokevlock LLC

Get your one of a kind ProKevLock now and and have a piece-of-mind at all times.


Our mission

To help our customers protect their personal belongings while having a good time, with their family and friends, while at the beach, the part, the pool, and/or in any other public places where small-time thieves are always looking for the opportunity to steal those personal valuables such as cell phones, jewelry, money, car keys, etc.

ProKevLock is one-of-a-kind product that offers the customers great flexibility for securely attach it to almost any structure giving the user a great peace-of-mind while enjoying the outdoors with the loved ones.

Protect your most precious valuables with ProKevLock today!

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